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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

Prevent Policy

Intimate Care Policy 2022

What is Prevent?

Prevent is part of CONTEST, the Government’s strategy to address terrorism. 

The main aim of Prevent is to stop terrorism. Prevent focuses on all forms of terrorist threats.  

The Government’s Prevent strategy can be found at the following address:  

The police, the Local Authority, and our partner organisations are working together to help strengthen and empower our communities and prevent harm.

Schools are responsible for protecting children from radicalisation. We have training to identify children who may be at risk of radicalisation and we know what to do if this occurs.

We teach children about radicalisation in a way which is appropriate for the age of the pupils. Through the curriculum we develop children’s resilience and promote fundamental British Values as required by the Department for Education. It forms part of our safeguarding role. In our school we have a termly "School Value" which we integrate throughout the curriculum. We celebrate each value through displays, activities, day to day learning and it is also explored in our assemblies. This helps children to understand our collective values in the context of their day to day learning. 

As a school we work with other agencies. We work together and focus on three key themes:

• Safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

• Working closely with other institutions.

• Challenging terrorist ideology by working closely with other local and national agencies, partners and our communities.

If we require support there is a Prevent Team. The Prevent Engagement Team are officers and police staff who aim to prevent terrorism from taking root in our communities. They support the activities taking place in schools, places of worship and community groups. Through this work they aim to strengthen communities in order to challenge the ideologies and messages of hate which lead to terrorism.

The school has a Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy and a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, both available in the Safeguarding section of this policies tab.

Staff training

- Prevent officers in school have completed WRAP (Workshop to raise awareness of Prevent).

- Teachers and teaching assistants have completed PREVENT training. Governors have also been asked to complete the training.

- If staff have concerns about radicalisation they follow the usual safeguarding procedures established in school.

How you can help?

It is important that we all work together, so that we can protect our communities. Effective engagement with parents and families is important as they are in a key position to spot signs of radicalisation. It is helpful if you promote the school's values and work with the school to provide excellent role models.

There are many ways you can help if you have any concerns:

• You can get in touch with your local neighbourhood or Prevent team for advice and support, if you are worried about someone you     know who you believe may be vulnerable to radicalisation. You can ring 101 and talk in confidence or seek support. 

• You can speak to your local officers or Prevent contact about helping run community events to bring people from different communities together. 

West Mercia prevent team :

Telephone: 01386 591835

E mail :

• You can provide facilities that could help us and our partners hold community engagement events.



The Department for Education has a dedicated helpline: 0207340 7264 – anyone can use this number including staff, governors, and parents.


If you are concerned about extremism in a FE or training provider organisation, or if you think a a learner might be at risk of extremism, contact the DfE helpline. Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (excluding bank holidays).