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Wraparound Care for School Aged Children

In order to help our parents with their busy lives, we have developed wrap-around care provision for the nursery and school. We are here to help you with drop off and collection times.

Breakfast Club (including breakfast) 8:00am - 8:45am £2.85
Breakfast Club (early drop off - no breakfast) 8:30am - 8:45am £1.55
After School Club - early pick up 3:20pm - 4:30pm £5.25
After School Club - full session - including snack (Mon - Thurs) 3:20pm - 5:30pm £8.70
After School Club - full session - including snack (Friday) 3:20pm - 5:00pm £7.50
A Light Tea (instead of the snack that is included)  Additional charge £1.20

You do not need to pre-book Breakfast Club sessions - the children can just be brought to the hall door any time from 8:00am.  For after school club, sessions are bookable in advance and parents need to commit to the whole year.  Notice of 6 weeks can be given at any time.  You need to contact the office to make a booking for After School Club.  Ad hoc bookings are not encouraged, however we will accommodate where possible if situations arise so please feel free to give us a call.

A variety of Childcare vouchers can be used if you work for a company who offers a salary sacrifice incentive.  Again, we would encourage you to contact the school office for further information.

Lots of high quality activities will be provided for children so they can enjoy the wraparound care provisions on offer before and after school. Whether your child enjoys being active, artistic or prefers a quiet structured time, we are here to provide for them so that you have peace of mind.

*NOTE - there is a late collection charge of £8 for every 15 minutes or part of.