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Creating a culture of curiosity where children, who feel healthy, happy and safe, thrive.

Values and Ethos

Our school community uphold six whole school values, to help to ensure our children feel healthy, happy and safe. These are promoted through the code of conduct which we expect everyone to follow:

Be Responsible. Be Respectful. Be Ready.

Our school values are fundamental to our PSHE curriculum, but are also promoted through our wider curriculum work. These values are:

  • cooperation
  • respect
  • tolerance
  • responsibility
  • empathy
  • determination

These six school values underpin our whole school vision (below). If children and adults in our school are upholding these values, children can feel healthy, happy and safe. Once these conditions are in place, the lightbulb is lit and learning is optimised. A culture and ethos is created where children are curious learners, encouraged and supported by adults who are curious too, which optimises the attainment and progress that children make. The well planned and sequenced knowledge-rich curriculum supports children to ignite their curiosity for learning, in order to know more and remember more. It builds on previous knowledge so that children can link their learning together and see the big picture, being well prepared for the next stage in their school journey.Our behaviour expectations are encapsulated in our three school rules, “the three Rs”: Be responsible. Be respectful. Be ready. Once these conditions are in place, the lightbulb is lit and learning is optimised. 


  • To create a stimulating school environment where children feel valued, safe and are eager to learn.

  • To deliver a broad, balanced curriculum which meets the needs of all of our children.

  • To promote high expectations and standards so that children take pride in their work and achievements.

  • To treat and respect children as individuals so that they may develop respect for the individuality of all people and develop sensitivity to each other's needs.

  • To foster the understanding of moral and spiritual values and appreciate other ways of life.

  • To promote close working partnerships amongst the community, governors, home and school, for the greater benefit of their education.

  • To make education enjoyable and promote children’s understanding of how we learn.

  • To enable children to develop a love of learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

  • To provide extended school opportunities appropriate to our pupils, parents and community.

  • To promote a partnership between home and school that encourages regular contact between teachers and parents/guardians/carers and their involvement in school activities.

We want our children to....

  • be playful, imaginative, creative and curious
  • make, foster and keep positive relationships that make them happy
  • be loving, caring and compassionate
  • become confident to risk-take and mistake-make
  • be good human beings!