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Parent Pay


Payments4Schools is the Shropshire Council Electronic Payment System. This system will allow parents/carers to make secure payments online, through the Shropshire Council website. The school is able to accept cash and cheques, but the online payment is an alternative and the preferred method of payment, which will be more convenient for some parents. 
The system will accept most debit and credit cards and you will be able to make payments at any time. A receipt will be generated for all payments made, which we encourage you to keep as proof of payment. If you have any queries about your payment, we will require the receipt number as a reference. On your bank statement, all payments will show as Shropshire Council. 
The school will be able to download a daily report, listing payments made. The advantages of making payments using this system are:  
You will be able to pay 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (allowing income to be collected in holidays/out of hours).
You will not have to spend time searching for change/cheques to pay for school activities/lunches. 
Each pupil has their own personal reference number which is unique to them - you will need to enter this reference number each time you make a payment. Your child's reference number will be given to you on their first day at school. Should you misplace this number, simply contact the office to receive it again.
We prefer any payments to be made online using the 'Payments4Schools' system.