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A PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is intended to facilitate parental and carer participation in a school, and is a wonderful way to bring together parents, carers, teachers and the local community to raise funds and to support our school.  All our PTA members are volunteers.
Our PTA are committed to supporting our children to enjoy curriculum enrichment activities and extra curriculum activities throughout the academic year.  We have regular PTA meetings throughout the year with updates on funding and also opportunities to work on new ideas for the fundraising year ahead.  There is also an annual AGM in October/November.
Our committee are as follows:
PTA Chair: Claire Parfitt
Vice-Chair: Zoe Stubbs
Secretary: Sam Turnock                                                                                                                     
Treasurer: D. Evans                                      
Parent/Carer PTA members: Katie Bowden, Bella Freeman, I-Cheng Austin, Kelly Horler, Louise Urquhart, Freya Watton, Melissa Garland, Stacey Price, J Maddox, Lara Mortleman, Zara McGregor.
All parents/carers are automatically part of the PTA as they join John Wilkinson Primary School and Nursery, but if you would like more of a role in our PTA, you can join the committee at any time during the year.  Please see a committee member or your child's teacher at any time.

What the PTA raises money for:
Our PTA raises money throughout the year to pay for activities for our school children.  They raise funds to pay either fully towards or partly towards activities that are fun, exciting, engaging and that enhance their cultural and social school education experiences. 
They allow up to £250 per year for each class to either put towards the cost of a trip (or travel), or for a classroom activity/visitor. 
At Christmas time, the PTA have provided a whole school Christmas trip.  Historically, it has been a cinema trip, but in 2022, they paid for a whole school trip to watch the Christmas pantomime at Theatre Severn.
Two school discos are offered each year, one at February Half Term and the other in October for Halloween.  These are always a huge hit with the children!
The PTA provide freeze pops on Sports Day in July for all the children, which are always welcomed in the hot weather, and refreshments for the parents/carers.  Over the last two years, the PTA have also paid for each child to have an ice-cream treat from the ice-cream van in the summer heat.  These are in addition to the £250 classroom funds allocated.
Each year our PTA aim to run family/community events and, in the past, this has included 2 Christmas raffles and an in-school Christmas fair.
The PTA are always happy to welcome new members and any help you could give, such as baking cakes, helping set or staff events/stalls or donating items for the raffle draws. If you think you could help with fundraising ideas/help with stalls/discos, please do get in touch with any committee members above, or contact the school office who can point you in the right direction.