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P.E this week

All classes have been very busy in P.E this week. Reception class explored being ‘cyclists’ by participating in games that were bike themed. These games involved different ways of travelling in space by using their bodies to create different movements as well-being aware of their surroundings.

Year 1 and Year 2 participated in some ball skills, developing their ability to dribble a football around in a space. 

Year 6 and Year 5 classes have been developing their ability to correctly hold and use a tennis racket to control a ball, this skill requires lots of hand eye coordination. This week in particular they concentrated on the backhand stroke and participated in paired rallies to practice this technique.

Year 4 and Year 3 participated in a circuit session and a dance session due to wet weather. The circuit session concentrated on coordination skills such as hitting a ball on a tennis racket as well as cardio exercises including running on the spot and step-ups. The circuit session targeted their whole body strength and their overall fitness.