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This Week in P.E

In P.E this week Reception explored different ways of travelling in space by using their bodies to create different movements. 

Year 1 participated in some dodgeball game play, developing their throwing and catching skills in a game situation as well as working as a team to successfully perform dodgeball skills. 

Year 2 played games that tested their agility, speed and ability to travel safely in space. They also practised their coordination skills by developing their ability to dribble and pass a football successfully in a competitive situation.  

Year 4 practised their dribbling, passing and shooting skills in hockey. This requires hand eye coordination as well as agility. They also participated in a round-robin hockey tournament in their lesson, developing their ability to work successfully as a team. 

Year 5 have been developing floor shapes and floor movements in gymnastics on apparatus this week. Children also practised jumping and landing on and off equipment safely.